Temperament Assessment

Often, the best way to keep your dog happy when you are away is to keep him with other dogs and caring people that they like. It’s that simple. But, assessing which dogs your beloved pet will enjoy takes lots of training and experience.

Before boarding your dog, one of our Social Directors will screen them to identify the best playgroup for them. We base our assessments on the group-play dynamics model.

Group-Play Dynamics

Dogs are social animals, often naturally creating packs, which means they are always sensitive to complex group dynamics. How particular breeds—and even particular individuals—work through the process of group dynamics can differ. Our Social Directors watch for sometimes-subtle cues, indicating your dog's comfort level when around other dogs.

Our Social Directors monitor and facilitate this group dynamic with real-time interaction and positive reinforcement-based behavioral training for companions in our care. More intensive obedience and behavior training is also available with our in-house trainer.

We take our temperament assessment process very seriously at Tails of Terra Linda Pet Resort and our peers think so, too. We are proud members and participants of:

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