Special Needs Boarding

Over the course of a dog’s or cat’s lifetime, your companion may require extra attention or care when you are away. Our staff is trained to manage your special-needs pet and bring him or her the same enlightened experience as our other guests. Sometimes it may be best for your pet to stay in our affiliated hospital, where additional care can be provided.

We provide a number of services for special needs pets.

Extended Care and Supervision

If your pet requires more attention, we're there. Our social directors make a late night and early morning check of all of our guests. We do leave them undisturbed for a few hours to get their beauty rest and rest up for the next day's adventure.

Handling of Geriatric, Injured, or Partially Paralyzed Animals

We know how to manage the movement of a senior or chronically disabled pet, even if their condition has them partially immobile. Some extra tender loving care goes a long way with these pets and there is no shortage of that at Tails of Terra Linda.

Administration of Oral and Topical Medications

Many of our guests require regular medication. We’ll keep track of their schedule, keep the pills or other medications organized, and assist your dog or cat as required.

Preparation of Special Foods

A healthy body requires nourishment and, sometimes, special nourishment. We will prepare any special meals or prescription diets you provide.

Extra Outdoor Time for Partially Incontinent Animals

A dog or cat in discomfort is simply not an option at Tails of Terra Linda. If going potty more often is what makes it a spa experience for your pet, then we are more than happy to oblige. Our housekeeping service is dedicated to assure your companion’s environment remains clean and fresh at all times.

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