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Happy Dogs

At Tails of Terra Linda Pet Resort, the dogs that stay with us are happy dogs—because that’s always our goal. Even though we could never replace you and the comfort of your home, we can provide them with a place that lets them safely meet other dogs, play when they want, rest when they want, and always get the TLC very few canines would ever pass up.

Dogs evolved as highly social animals. They naturally thrive when they have contact with other dogs. Despite this, some social behavior is learned and practiced, so some dogs prefer to have less contact, or at least frequent time-outs and rest, rather than be a party animal.

We can relate, and we'll do our best to follow your dog's lead and your direction as to what they prefer, and who they like to hang with—a fellow ball chaser and body slammer, or someone to discuss geopolitics and ponder string theory while lying in the sun—chances are they can find their social group here at Tails.

Our staff will perform a temperament assessment at initial check-in and throughout your pet’s stay, looking for subtle cues as to what your companion prefers when it comes to friends and activities.

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