Tails of Terra Linda offers, what some have called, enlightened pet care. That means we don’t just provide a safe place for your pet to stay while you are away. Instead, we provide the safest and most hygienic environment possible as a boarding experience—one that’s also playful, relaxing, and pampering.

We do this through a variety of pet boarding services and best practices:

  • Separate facilities for dog and cat accommodations
  • Temperament assessments before boarding
  • Carefully supervised play groups for dogs
  • Adjacent to affiliated veterinary hospital
  • Special needs boarding
  • Grooming
  • Behavioral training
  • Before You Board Your Pet

When you entrust your pet to us for daycare and boarding, our top priority is to provide your pet with a fun, safe, and enriching experience. Your valuable initial input, along with our Social Director’s comprehensive assessment of your pet’s personality, is how we’ll determine where to place your beloved canine in the play and social groups they will most enjoy.

Pet Boarding Best Practices

Facilities—A Renaissance in Pet Boarding

Enlightened pet care is pet care that enhances physical, emotional, and social health in pets. Happiness for a pet often begins with safety. Our daytime and overnight staff will keep your pet safe at all times, and our facility will too, thanks to surfaces that protect joints and support best cleaning practices.

Enlightened pet care also includes comfort. At Tails of Terra Linda, comfort includes the hypoallergenic turf in our play yards and rooftop “Field of Dreams” to diminish allergies and injuries. Comfort definitely continues when it comes to the wonderful accommodations and bedding we provide each canine guest.

People—Loving Pet Care Specialists

Our staff is comprised not just of people who love animals, but many who are specifically trained and experienced in identifying subtle cues that communicate what is best for your pet, especially when in social groups. At Tails of Terra Linda we call these facilitators Social Directors. They see things from a dog’s perspective, who’s being enjoyed, who’s being avoided, and when enough is enough.

Because we are next door to the affiliated Terra Linda Veterinary Hospital, highly skilled veterinarians and vet techs are close by to assist in managing any pet health issue that may arise during your pet’s stay. We, of course, will also honor your wishes to involve alternative veterinary providers at any point such expertise is required. We even provide transportation to your veterinarian of choice, whenever possible.

Philosophy—Your Best Friend Is Our Best Friend

The emotional challenge of leaving one’s pet in a boarding facility is recognized by anyone who has owned a pet. We created Tails of Terra Linda to ease that discomfort and anxiety, along with making it as convenient as possible for you to use our services. The best way we know to reassure you is with our commitment that, “we will treat your pet companion as if they were our own.”

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