Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare: A Renaissance in Pet Care

A true Renaissance in pet care has been occurring this last decade, as awareness has spread that a dog’s happiness and fulfillment require physical contact, regular play, and safe socializing with other dogs. Traditional kenneling, or being left at home alone, are often simply not conditions conducive to canine happiness, or optimum health.

Optimal Fun and Fulfillment

We try to optimize your dog’s happiness while staying at Tails of Terra Linda by finding just the right social group to play with. Some like rambunctious playmates, some prefer a more subdued interaction, but still enjoy the company. We perform an extensive temperament assessment both at initial check-in and on an ongoing basis during your pet’s stay.

Awesome People

Our staff of dog lovers is educated in canine behavior and especially in canine group play dynamics. We consult with some of the best consultants in the country and are committed to continual education. It’s what provides your pet with the best resort experience possible.

Beautiful New Facility

Tails of Terra Linda Pet Resort is located in a brand new, spectacular, and specially designed facility with everything you or your pet could want. From the aesthetics of our reception and boutique retail space, to the fun and roomy luxury suites with their own closed circuit TV access, every detail has been considered.

The overnight individual accommodation rooms—we call them Stanzas and Soffitas—are located in three separate Plazas, or grand rooms. These colorful Plazas have an impermeable and hygienic epoxy floor covering so cleaning can be performed throughout the facility with a state of the art wet-vacuum system.

The inside playroom is covered with a safe, nonslip, comfortable, and easy-to-sanitize rubber flooring. The walls are covered with impermeable fiber-reinforced plastic panels, which make thorough cleaning quick and easy.

The outdoor areas, including our wonderful rooftop “Field of Dreams,” have hypoallergenic, sanitation-friendly, and fun-to-play-or-lay-on K9-Grass™—artificial grass material made just for dogs.

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