Dog Boarding

Happiness is about about your dog(s) getting personalized care. Whether they need alone time in their own space, one-on-one attention, or to participate in one of our structured playgroups, it's all about them. Playgroups involve matching: size, age, breed, and their particular personality or interaction style with other dogs. Doing this requires considerable experience and training in group-play dynamics, something each of our staff members—from Concierge, to Social Directors, to Managers—undergoes.

Doggy Playground

The outside and rooftop (“Field of Dreams”) play areas for our canine guests are specially designed for fun and for safety. Dog groups are never left unattended and there is also closed-circuit video camera monitoring of social time. These videos are then used for future staff training.

Hypoallergenic K9-Grass™ is manufactured and installed in a manner that diminishes possible injuries and accidents. Movable barriers facilitate proper pet-to-pet introductions, and retractable awnings and sunshades allow the playground to be used in many weather conditions.

Inside, our playroom is covered with an easy-to-sanitize rubber flooring for comfort and safety.


Most dogs love to play, but they also love to eat. We request that you bring your pet’s normal diet with you upon check in. When possible, this diet should be broken into single meal increments using sealable plastic bags. We can also provide several options of quality, USA-produced, natural foods, but nothing keeps your dog happier and healthier than their own food.


All dogs need to rest, especially in the context of being away from home and around all this fun. The three Plazas that house our individual guest rooms and lofts, along with our five luxury suites, are designed with this in mind. Calming music is often played in the background, sound-absorbing acoustical panels are located in the ceiling and around the resort to reduce noise, and comfy beds and linens are provided for all our canine guests.

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